Niki C – Woman in Long Term Recovery
Substance Use Disorders

Niki C – Woman in Long Term Recovery

Do you identify with Niki’s story?

Listen as she shares her experience, strength, and hope on a journey through addiction and to sobriety. And most importantly, what life looks like today!

Niki uses all the tools in her belt to maintain a life second to none. She touches on her battles with several addictions throughout her life, and what it took to finally get the help she needed.

Your story might not be the same experiences, but the underlying spiritual malady that leads to the mental obsession is shared by almost everyone suffering from substance use disorders.

When someone makes the decision to seek treatment, they are often at a hopeless place. While they’ve decided they want recovery, they may feel like they can’t imagine how it would ever be possible. A line in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous describes this as “the jumping-off point”, in other words, a place where someone can’t imagine continuing to rely on substances any longer but they also can’t imagine life without them.

If you are interested in sharing your story about how you conquered, and or your current battle with mental health or substance use disorders please reach out to

So many thanks to Niki for participating in this process, not only was it an amazing story that I am sure will help more than one person out there, it was fun working with you!

We look forward to checking in with Niki in about a year to see how her journey is progressing.

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